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When was the last time you saw a man cry?

July 2, 2010

As a rule, I don’t watch heaps of American football or certain other kinds of popular American sports but one thing the World Cup does for me, besides providing a welcome abundance of  The Beautiful Game, is the ability of the games to show the range of masculinity and expressions of masculinity throughout the world.

This of course, coupled with the asinine criticisms of certain males online and elsewhere about the Argentine men freely kissing on the cheek while hugging each other, or Maradona, because they are not used to these alternate expressions of masculinity with touch inside their own culture.

And men crying. Not just tears of joy—or for the game, but tears of anguish for moments lost, sadness and utter despair. Soul wrenching tears that rack a man’s shoulders and begs the camera person to look away.

All beautiful, beautiful expressions of the game and the men who play it on the world’s stage.