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facebook again! and sometimes i like the lowercase i.

August 16, 2008

the facebook platform ad feeder app that pops up in the left toolbar [on the old facebook log in] seems to project ads deemed to target demographics based on conclusions drawn from certain data embedded in facebook profiles. i know this because ads have popped up specifically targeting my exact age and sex in the header, even though my age is nowhere to be seen on my profile.

other than the free buttons for obama ad [yay!] and the itunes advert for M.I.A [who i do like] and as a coinkidink, i have an M.I.A. bumper sticker added to my prof. apparently criterion deems my demographic liable to have particular interest in dieting ads, barely known female singer-song writers, fashion and especially diets! every time i log on, there seems to be a blasted new diet ad screaming from the side bar! i just saw, “try the new hills diet!” with a pic of a smiling Lauren Conrad next to it. to that i say, gtfoh. i mean really? that is what some interpretive software thinga-ma-bobber calculates to entice and draw in someone like ME to click on ads. no sah. i think you got me all wrong.