on libra-ness

One of the things that’s hard for Libras to accept is that not everyone can live up to their expectations. Libras feel that everyone should be like them: kind, generous, and diplomatic. Until, of course, the scales are tipped in the other direction; then you’ve got problems with Libra’s dark side: mean, resentful, frivolous, and indecisive. –from Black Love Signs, by Thelma Balfour

I’ve been meeting Virgos back to back. Apparently, we’re a terrible match astrologically but these ones seem to love being entranced with the Libra vibes. Seemingly.


2 Responses to “on libra-ness”

  1. jandgrey Says:

    I’ve had lots of Virgos in my life. I find their energy soothing, but I wouldn’t be able to date one.

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