You Make Me Wanna—


Laura Marling.

I just love this song by her below (and this version especially) and it always makes me beautifully sombre and sorrowful (if that makes sense), for some reason. Not because I especially love England, nor have I lived there myself to feel the exact same way–but I do feel as though anyone who is a transplant from anywhere, might connect with the sentiments inside this song–no matter where you are from. 

It also made me hark back to Samuel Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners (which I re-read recently) and Moses Aloetta contemplating:

What it is that a city have, that any place in the world have, that you get so much to like it you wouldn’t leave it for anywhere else? What it is that would keep men although by and large, in truth and in fact, they catching their royal to make a living, staying in a cramp-up room where you have to do everything–sleep, eat, dress, wash, cook, live. Why it is, that although they grumble about it all the time, curse the people, curse the government, say all kind of thing about this and that, why it is, that in the end, everyone cagey about saying outright that if the chance come they will go back to them green islands in the sun?

 Why indeed?

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