a vintage ting dat

So I love old photos in general. I always wonder about the people inside of them who may be long gone. I wonder who they were. What was their story. What kind of history is locked into their eyes staring back at me.

And I especially love old Trinidad and Tobago images. So I was excited to find this wonderful online collection of beautiful and iconic vintage Trinidad (as well as Tobago) postcard images including,

old Frederick Street

the cocoa estates

the cane fields

a formidable mighty samaan

old QRC

the land and its people

and many, many more.

Below: vintage Trinidad postcard showing an East Indian lady 













I wonder who she was….she could have been a friend of my friend’s naani for all I know.

 Breaking cocoa

 Old Port-of-Spain market shopping


East-Indian woman and child

 Frederick Street way back when

 Marine Square, Port-of-Spain

Trinidadian family, aka “the natives” according to the vintage caption. [Gotta love those Eurocentric renditions of the “me–civilised. You–uncivilised!” tropes.]

Do be sure to check the link included above for many, many more beautiful historical images.

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4 Responses to “a vintage ting dat”

  1. 1mauvaislangue Says:

    thanks for sharing…I too love the B&W photos.

  2. soyluv Says:

    glad you likey, mauvais 🙂

  3. LaDonna Says:

    these are great photos

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