on being brave

do people truly sit down and vibes over what ian alvarez is saying/singing sometimes? cause sometimes i really don’t think they do—and they should. and yes, i consider it a kind of intellectual laziness when some people say how he is chanting “too fas” so they couldn’t be bothered.

anyhoo, on the eve of the merry monarch’s 2010 reign, a few timely words from the black spaniard’s “brave”. instant classic i say.


“fraid ah jab-jab

yuh fraid ah j’ouvert

yuh fraid ah big fete

yuh say yuh doh know who dey

so yuh not going fire fete or license

say de people out dey, dey wilder than bison

but what going tuh happen

if nobody want to head to skinner park?

so we cyah fraid, ah say we cyah fraid… ” 

and, poignantly,

“never fraid yuh own ting—i say yuh cyah fraid it at all!”– Bunji Garlin

and i DO need a brave button in my life sometimes. *sigh* fear can be debilitating.

go brave.

peep the video here:


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2 Responses to “on being brave”

  1. bandi Says:

    its not only laziness.. it reeks of ignorance among other things…

    as usual Garlin frightens em with lyrics… it took me a couple of days to fully absorb the lyrics and then the video as well…

    and other SOCAlled artistes wonder why.how he and FayAnn could win titles.. their lyrics are generally stronger…

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