d.i.y. recession proof magic

what you need: any hoop earrings that you want to breathe new life into, fabric that you like, glue.

what to do: cut a piece into a wide enough strip to cover the circumference of the earring, wrap the fabric all the way around earring tightly any way that you want, glue ends. wait to dry and there you have new reconstructed earrings! if you’re an earring-aholic like me, then you’ll probably have oodles of fun using all the earring frames that you have lying around. 

forgot to add: for an easy way to tuck in the ends, use the stem of the hoop that goes into your ear to punch through close to the end of the fabric strip—when you wrap, tuck that loose end under. on the other end—tuck and glue on the side that is not facing out when you wear the earring so it stays hidden.

these are the ones i made from old hoops that once were worn by my mummy [these days she says that she is not able with wearing anything so big. ] and some faux-african print fabric from one of the cloth stores at home. wadada!

do-it-yourself earrings



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4 Responses to “d.i.y. recession proof magic”

  1. Alexis L. Says:

    Very nice restyle.

  2. Alexis L. Says:

    You know, I have very little creativity when it comes to personal fashion. Something about a lack of confidence, I suppose. One of these days, though. One of these days.

  3. soyluv Says:

    aw. really? i would have never guessed. you have an amazing eye as it stands for color, decor and the like, so i think it might be easier to tap into than you might think.

    let me know when you do.

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