stylee, stylee

arguably, i am not one of the most stylish persons out there. possibly because i am too much of a nerd. with self-esteem issues (among other things). a busty nerd. with a bosey back from carrying around too many bags like badu’s bag lady. but this here site, makes me feel cooler and more stylin’ just by looking at it.  plus the whole site with its assault of colors and textures and trinkets and movement and good food and awesome folk add up to be oddly, immensely inspiring to a fellow creative-minded soul. for anyone else who also needs to up the cool.funky.artsy.stylee quotient in life.

i just wanted to lick my pc screen, open my mouth real wide and ingest all of the cool stuff on here (if that were at all possible). check out all the uh-mazingness posted by andrea pippins here at



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