in case you [or someone you know] had been thinking about it…

so i was watching a new locked up abroad recently and from the get-go i’m thinking:

out, LESBIAN couple drug mules, one visibly butch, en route to JAMAICA—probably not a good idea.

[almost anywhere in the region actually] but especially there. i mean, ANY attempt at the airport nonchalance routine would just, like, fail. isn’t part of drug-mule-ism, not calling attention to one’s self? [i think]

you had to know it wasn’t going to end well.

besides staving off the aspirations of  any ill-prepared, drug mule-ees out there [thank me later], i’m going to try to get an interview with my friend “y” to blog about later—-she’s an american i met through school friends, who just moved to trinidad and tobago and i think with her personality, it might be fun to get some insight into how that process has been thus far, aspirations etc. exciting stuff huh?

[on the other hand, if it turns out to be all, “you trinis are sooo much fun!” type crap, then i will NOT be posting jack. just an idea. we’ll see how this all pans out]

random update: so in the end, i liked the interview and was grateful for “y’s” participation but i decided that i would rather use the info for something else at some other time. maybe.

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