curiouser and curiouser…

apparently aboding under a rock does me no good. why was i utterly clueless that tim burton was releasing his take on lewis caroll’s alice in wonderland until like, yesterday when i checked one of my e-mail accounts? yay! and why am i so excited?

maybe it’s because it’s among one of my most favorite books in the whole wide world. i love the absurdity of it and the parts that make me laugh like when the foot-soldiers outside the duchess’ place bow and their curls get entangled together.

yup, it’s parts like those that stand out most to me. sad but true. or alice’s hilarious obliviousness, like when she goes on and on about dinah the cat to the mouse she meets in her pool of tears. what cheek! what cluelessness. how reminiscent of real life. there’s so much of the strange and funny in that book. i also remember really digging the board game back in the day, and flipping the game pieces if you were forced to “shrink,” that it was really bad to land on the jabberwocky for some reason and how the games got really  intense at my house. which reminds me that i would love to play that game now if i knew anyone in possession of one. holla if yuh have one.

anyway thanks to forever 21 — how and when and why i signed up for their blog updates is beyond me but evidently i did, because i’ve been getting their blog updates in my e-mail. anyhow, peep the scoop and stills from the upcoming movie below. courtesy “the skinny.”


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