Pineapple chow is awesome!

pineapple chow!

pineapple chow pic hoff from d simplytrinicooking site. find a chow recipe there!

so carnival was fantabulous and i finally got sucked into playing with the BIGGEST mas conglomerate ever (uh, TRIBE) being the large multi-million dollar enterprise that it is, while pretending to some people, that i didn’t actually pay more than my month’s rent to palance down the streets of port of spain. still, i do declare that i had a great time.  (at the risk of sounding like a friggin’ freshwater. *shudder*)

some of the highlights of the season included:

a bess pineapple chow

anything i ate…actually

the proliferation of the word “gunta.” i love words and i LOVE new trini ones

hugging my mummy

hugging anyone at home–really

 and this sign, we saw at a stall around the savannah:

only in trini! gotta luv it!

only in trini! gotta luv it!

maybe now i’ll get back to my coursework rather than reliving fastasmic (fantastic + orgasmic<–not a result of the sexually related kind)  trini memories, creating new work and finishing up some new posts that i started and need to finish. I’ll be ranting about dell PCs (please don’t EVER turn to them for “tech support” outside of your warranty. In fact if you can afford not to–don’t ever BUY a dell) *Insert ginormous steups here*).

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