we make light work of things—

like breath, in and out, without

a thought—discard bad dreams

from consciousness, with ease.

The body however—does not forget

remembers things well, like sharp edges

pressed into flesh and the promise of scars

physical—or otherwise, or the climb

to orgasm and the sweet release

even when we ourselves do not.


5 Responses to “memory.”

  1. anonyjw Says:

    No comments?

    Nah! Hard to believe…

    Nice piece of prose! Any more where that came from?

  2. soyluv Says:

    thanks a lot. yeah i dabble in a lil bit of poetry every now and then. do you write any?

  3. anonyjw Says:

    Check here:

  4. soyluv Says:

    nice! i checked ’em out.

  5. anonyjw Says:

    *thumbs up*


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