it’s wining season! not whining season but still…..

i’m going to need all those people who persist in spelling the west indian colloquialism-cum-verb-cum-noun as W-H-I-N-E to




The action is to wine. (Note: there is also no “d” to be enunciated at the end either!)

Definition from the 2nd edition of Cote Ce, Cote La Dictionary:

wine: “to rotate the waist and hips in a suggestive manner. ‘Wine like yuh eh christen.’–to defy all known laws of gravity, vertebral contortions, and coitions.”

Definition from Webster’s New World Dictionary: whine–to utter a high pitched sound, nasal sound, as in complaint. To complain in a childish way.

As a purveyor of all things cultural [and random] this annoys me no end and i am tired of seeing it all over the blasted net and in descriptions everywhere.


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