Late nights with pancakes

Late night IHOP runs are cri-min-nim-min-nim-min-nim-min-nal to the waist line–and yes, I know that was corny to those who got it. But the taste of America pancakes are worth it. They’re oh so yummy, delectable and good. My heart bleeds currently for the New York Cheesecake pancakes and the Washington Apple Crisp thus far. I highly recommend them.  *sigh* Wonder what a taste of Trinidad and Tobago run would look like?

Something along the lines of:

Tobago Mango:  Two buttermilk pancakes formed in the shape of the sister-isle topped with heaping slices of sweet julie mango pieces, mango glaze and a scoop of home-made coconut ice-cream.

Caroni Cane Cakes: Two warm and spicy pancakes, drizzled with brown sugar sauce and a rich dollop of fresh guava jam.

Santa Cruz Cocoa Coffee Bean: Two cocoa flavored pancakes with cinnamon, covered in a sweet coffee flavored sauce, cocoa shavings and topped with whipped cream.

Port-of-Spain Banana: Two buttermilk pancakes covered in a sweet and citrusy banana and portugal sauce, crowned with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

A girl can dream….can’t she?

In case you didn’t know–I LOVE pancakes!


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3 Responses to “Late nights with pancakes”

  1. anonyjw Says:

    Actually, if you manage to come back, visit the IHOP in Tobago. They’re located in Bon Accord, opposite Alfred Circular, not too far from Crown Pointe

    Its not really an ‘official’ IHOP, but they do make some decent local pancakes.

    Pretty pricey and the service could be better… but their menu was not so far off from what you’ve described in your post!!!

  2. soyluv Says:

    oh yum yum! i must check that out sometime. never heard of it.

  3. anonyjw Says:

    Hopefully, they’ll still be around when you manage to check them out!

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